Bellevue Theme


Bellevue Theme


Latest release
Required Plugins
  • Elementor 3.11.3
  • Aloha PowerPack 1.1.4
Optional Plugins
  • Hotel Booking 4.6.0
  • WoooCommerce Payments 1.0.9
  • Hotel Booking Reviews 1.2.7
  • Hotel Booking Payment Request 1.1.9
  • Envato Market 2.0.7
  • Formidable Forms 6.1.2
  • Master Slider 3.6.1
  • Widget Logic 5.10.4
  • WooCommerce 7.5.0
  • Groovy Menu 2.5.6
  • Slider Revolution 6.5.8
Other Changelogs


FIXED Cart icon PHP warning FIXED Calendar and Date Picker CSS performance boost and override


    ENHANCED Elementor full page support ENHANCED Custom calendar color support FIXED WooCommerce template versions


      NEW Aloha Elementor PowerPack for Hotels and Vacation Rentals ADDED 25 new layout, listing and search result styles ADDED $938 worth of premium add-ons. ENHANCED Google Page Speed score REDUCED Theme Zip file size (Under 1mb) IMPROVED Elementor SiteKit integration (Site wide Colors and Fonts). REMOVED Option Tree Plugin REMOVED Kirki Plugin


        ENHANCED search results.


          ENHANCED import for countryside Enhanced Transparent header support for visual library Fixed H1 tag printed when hide title is on.


            ADDED Hotel Booking PDF Invoices. ENHANCED New Documentation Links for Add ons. Version bump


              ENHANCED Theme Dashboard Experience ADDED Feature Request FIXED Duplicate/Clone Page bug


                ENHANCED Hotel Import ADDED Countryside 2 Import FIXED Fatal Error (Session Issue)


                  FIXED Session issue and removed unused $_session instances FIXED Adding missing WPML fields. FIXED Styling issues with Accommodation Listing Icons and testimonial image radius.


                    ADDED Beach house 2 demo ADDED Elementor Global Color Support


                      FIXED Session Start fix for php 5.4 + ENHANCED adding styling options to room grid


                        ENHANCED Added new Chalet 2 demo! FIXED Missing masonry title bug. ENHANCED Added extra font option inside customizer ENHANCED Fixing bugs with Chalet 2 demo. ENHANCED Update import files for new demos.


                          Enhanced Customizer label for header & footer builder. Now called Global Templates.


                            ENHANCED Global Templates to support editing Blog Posts and Products in Elementor. ENHANCED Comments template support. FIXED Hidden blog post title


                              FIXED Update for Kirki 4.0


                                ENHANCED Theme Dashboard. Styling, Options and Bug Fixes.


                                  ADDED New demos Hostel, Hotel and Tiny Home ADDED Listing widget and Tab widget ADDED Styles to Pricing List widget ADDED Styles to Blog widget ADDED New custom fields for Rooms and Accommodation Custom Post ENHANCED Styling options for Hotel booking forms ENHANCED Styling options for Rooms & Accommodation Grid widgets ENHANCED Styling options for Gallery and Testimonial widgets ENHANCED Added Sharp styling to buttons ENHANCED Woo Styling updates. FIXED Styling options for SVGs FIXED Issue with header and footer where transparent header can exceed page width on mobile FIXED Page comments print bug FIXED AWS bug REMOVED Smooth Scroll


                                    FIXED - Deactivate Widget Blocked Editor by default.


                                      ADDED - New Visual Library feature for importing header and footer templates (Pages and blocks coming soon) ADDED - New theme registration ADDED - New Elementor Header Footer Builder IMPROVED - Adding support for wp_body_open() IMPROVED Customizer options for new feature support and clarity IMPROVED - Appearance of Theme Setup in WP 5.7 FIXED - Polylang translation for search URL not working FIXED Issue where custom color didn't appear in menu hover in some cases FIXED Missing translation for "Tags:" string FIXED Issue where custom menu color wasn't taking effect in some cases FIXED Issue where blog sections overlap on mobile if no posts are present FIXED Issue where same-page theme buttons showed incorrect styling on focus state


                                        FIXED - Form styling for MPHB booking accommodation request form. FIXED - Disable Master Slider external auto update and enable internal. FIXED - Remove duplicate MPHB review section. FIXED - Lazy loading overlapping issue. ENHANCED - Turn off MPHB extension links. ENHANCED - Adding callback for MPHB months to display setting.


                                          FIXED - Deprecated jQuery Code IMPROVED - Better support for new Page Builder Widget Pack update v1.5.14 ENHANCED - Better documentation for bundled plugins


                                            FIXED Styling for password protected forms. Set Max width and center. FIXED Issue where same-page theme buttons show incorrect styling on focus state FIXED Issue with masonry blog content area appearing overlapped on mobile when empty FIXED Reset TGMPA nag notice when requesting bundled plugin install ADDED Booking Reviews add-on (Beta) ADDED Payment Request add-on (Beta) IMPROVED Added default WPML admin texts. IMPROVED Add defaults for contact info widget. IMPROVED Added defaults for MotoPress Hotel Booking, making setup easier. IMPROVED Updated Kirki Fallback Class IMPROVED Remove unnecessary customizer preview refresh. Minor text change. IMPROVED Increase visibility of Elementor Header & Footer Plugin. IMPROVED Adding helpful link for Header Footer Plugin templates. IMPROVED Better rendering for logo resizing in the customizer. IMPROVED Adding documentation links for bundled plugins.


                                              FIXED Cleared JS caching preventing WP 5.5. fixes to propagate.


                                                FIXED JS errors in WP 5.5 (Removal of jQuery Migrate 1.x). ENHANCED Added support for Elementor Header Footer Plugin. ENHANCED Added Theme Support for Site Logo. UPDATED minor styling updates. FIXED Installer ajax error. Caused by Groovy Menu activation redirect. UPDATED version number for release.


                                                  UPDATED - Plugin auto update and repo download links. Supporting SSL FIXED - Kirki Styling. FIXED - Colour checkout dates correctly on date picker and availability cal. FIXED - Issue where navigation hover effect appeared janky in Chrome browser. FIXED - Date Picker appears below transparent header menu. FIXED - Footer form placeholder text color.


                                                    FIXED - Enable Automatic Post Excerpts ENHANCED - Cleaned up some debug console logging ENHANCED - Update plugin repo links to use SSL UPDATED - Version Bump REMOVED - WPBS Styling / Scripts


                                                      FIXED Accommodation grid (style 2) image crop on mobile. IMPROVED Remove debug log from theme installer script. UPDATED Plugin update checker library. UPDATED Hotel Booking plugin (v3.7.4)


                                                        IMPROVED - Support for Elementor header / footer UPDATED - Added new demo import styling for Home - Calendar


                                                          IMPROVED - Allow support for JetMenu and others. Bypassing our roots bootstrap menu walker and filters. This allows for better 3rd party compatibility for menu tools like JetMenu and Groovy.

                                                          FIX - remove roots_clean_style_tag filter preventing Elementor from loading


                                                            FIXED - Styling for Date picker inside booking calendar (Prev / Next and Today text) FIXED - Collapsing grid widget on mobile FIXED - Various fixes from compare with Stratus and Uplands FIXED - 404 missing SVG file UPDATED - Plugin versions for Hotel Booking, Hotel Payments, Groovy menu, Master Slider Pro, and repo links.