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Presale Questions
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You will need a web host. Your web host should be able to assist you in install ing WordPress and the Bellevue Theme. If you run into any issues, please let us know. Our premium support is included!

Yes, all of our themes include a fully automated theme setup wizard which makes it very easy to get started and includes an option to select the demo you want (where relevant). Here is an example from one of our themes, though it’s nearly the exact same process on all of our themes.

All of our themes are built around the very popular Elementor page builder ( rated 5/5 with over 3 million active installs) which is extremely flexible allowing for a nearly endless number of layout options. Everything you see in the demos can be swapped around / added / removed in the builder. You can combine layout sections from different pages as well.

Yes. You can customize everything from top to bottom. You can easily change text, images, video colors.

Yes, all of our themes are fully localized and ready to be translated into other languages. You can either setup your site in one language other than English, or you can have a multi-language site with the content displayed in multiple switchable languages.

Absolutely. We have engineered Bellevue to work with any booking plugin or service. You can also remove the booking engine and use our forms for offline booking and availability requests .

Over $465 worth of premium plugins and add-ons.

We bundle a premium Hotel Booking Plugin and 4 premium add-ons:

  • Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments
  • Hotel Booking PDF Invoices
  • Hotel Booking Payment Request
  • Hotel Booking Reviews

With our themes, you can use any payment gateways that are compatible with WooCommerce, which supports a large number of major payment gateways as well as many more:

If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, there are additional 3rd party extensions for other gateways as well:

Yes. We support seasonal pricing, variable pricing and many price settings.

Yes. We support variable pricing and many other pricing settings.

Yes. You can offer pay on arrival, direct deposit, and also request a payment. We also provide online payment as well.

Yes. We include a full search form in various styles. You can add custom filters as well. The search form includes Check in date, check out date, adults, children and as many custom filters as you wish (example: location).

Yes. We include a two way sync so that you can keep your calendars synced across multiple plateforms.

Yes. You can use this for rooms, whole houses or suites.

Yes. You have the option to check out through WooCommerce or you can checkout directly without and still support PayPal, Stripe and many other payment gateways. 

Yes. This theme will always work with the very latest version of WordPress. We test and release updates frequently. 

Yes, all of our themes are built with compatibility for WooCommerce, which is the official eCommerce solution for WordPress with extensive support, documentation, and thousands of extensions.

We strongly recommend ensuring that your hosting account is setup with PHP 7+ and that these values are met or exceeded:

  • max_execution_time 180
  • max_input_time 180
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 32M
  • upload_max_filesize 32M

Your host will be familiar with all of those values and should be able to assist with that.

The Elementor Page Builder also has its own Requirements guide. It might be helpful to review that in addition to our recommendations above.

Everything shown in all of the demos (and much more) can be recreated with the included standard version of Elementor. But if you upgrade to Pro, it’s also compatible with our themes.

You can use virtually any plugin you wish. It would be nearly impossible to test with every plugin but we code with best practices and follow strict WordPress standards so you can be certain that this theme will work with 99% of WordPress plugins. 

When you purchase Bellevue you receive a copy of the theme and also all bundled plugins including the Booking engine and its extensions, free. You also get access to design files for our newest demos. We also have a limited time offer for a free HTML version of Bellevue to use as you wish. 

No. You get a license for life. That includes all future updates and upgrades. Sweet!

Yes, all of our themes are fully localized and ready to be translated into other languages. You can either setup your site in one language other than English, or you can have a multi-language site with the content displayed in multiple switchable languages.

Please see here for our documentation / knowledge base – there are many articles that apply to Belleuve, as well as some specific to bundled plugins.

We have an amazing support team that can help you through any questions you have regarding the theme. We are here to help you get up and running quickly.

Yes. You get 6 months of support included with your purchase. If you need longer you can easily extend your support. 

Yes, it’s very easy in the builder to add a video background to the header on any page. As a matter of fact you can set a video background for any section on the page, as well as multiple sections if you like.