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How do I purchase the Bellevue WordPress theme?

Bellevue is available for download from

Use the link  below to purchase your copy. You will want to create an account with so you can download future updates and bug fixes.

Download Bellevue Bed and Breakfast + Hotel WordPress Theme


Your one time purchase includes:

  • Lifetime upgrades
  • Lifetime bug fixes
  • World class support
  • Bundled for Free – A Premium Version of the MotoPress Hotel Booking + Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments ($138 value).
  • Bundled for Free – A Premium Version of Slider Revolution ($26 Value).
  • Bundled for Free – A Premium Version of Groovy Mega Menu ($35 Value).
  • Bundled for Free – A Premium Version of MasterSlider Responsive Touch Swipe Slider ($20 Value).
  • Full WooCommerce support for secure payments.
  • Formidable and Formidable Pro Support.
  • Events Calendar support (Modern Tribe).
  • 8 demos (Apartments, Chalet, Urban Guest house, Beach House, Lake Cabin, Countryside, Hotel and One-Pager Style.
  • 50 Layered Photoshop Files + 5 Stylized logos.
  • Over 350 links to high resolutions, creative common photos.
  • Fully customizable colors, fonts, page builder, transparent header, sticky header, parallax, sidebar, widgets, etc.
  • Multi Language support through WPML (certified), POEdit, Polylang and Loco Translate
  • Much more
Can I add custom HTML and set the order in which it appears?

Yes, the HTML meta box is also referred to as “WYSIWYG / Rich Text Editor” which is designed to add full HTML anywhere you like on the page. They are just like the other metaboxes except they provide a full content editor so you can add custom content and shortcodes.

Can I change the ‘Theme by’ in the footer aka footer credits?

Yes, you can easily edit this setting under the theme options. Go to Appearance / Theme Options / Footer. There you will find several options to edit the footer.

More reading: [TODO link to footer admin options]

How can I have multiple metaboxes of the same type in the same page?

You can use the metabox builder quantity tab and slider to increase the amount of service block metaboxes that show on a page.

How do I add content?

You can add content just like you would in any WordPress website, the Content Editor is available for you on every page. If you want to add specialized content, like Testimonials, Sliders, Showcases you’ll need to use the Custom Post Types to create them and then a Metabox to show them on your page.

In this example we’ll be adding Testimonials.

Step One: Add your first Testimonial under Dashboard > ‘Bellevue’ > ‘Testimonials’ – It helps to make groups first but it’s not required.

Step Two: Create a new page or edit the page you want to show your testimonial on. Inside the ‘Metabox Builder’ check ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Update Post’ to save your changes (reloads page).

Step Three: Once the page reloads you’ll find that the Testimonials Metabox is now appearing. Inside that box, check the ‘Display’  checkbox, then under ‘Testimonials’ tab, choose whether you want to select your testimonial individually or as part of a group. If you haven’t made a group yet you’ll can go back and do so or select individually for now. Once you have the testimonial  you want to display selected, save your changes using the ‘update’ button. All done.

There are several options inside each Metabox that allow you to add padding, animations, background images and colors etc.

More reading

How do I change colors in the theme?

From the WP Dash, under Appearance > Theme Options > Colors, there are two color inputs that affect many of the colors in the theme:

For areas not affected by the color settings in the Theme Options area, our general recommendation is to use the Inspector feature available in Chrome and Firefox. Just right click on an element on the page ( and select Inspect Element.

Then you can see the CSS that is affecting the element in question:

From there, you can copy/paste the relevant sections into your child theme or Custom CSS box under Theme Options and make the necessary changes.

More info on the Chrome Inspector:

More info on the Firefox Inspector:

How do I change or remove the logo?

Please see:

The default logo that shows in the upper left corner is bundled with Bellevue. You’ll need to go under Appearance / Theme Options and look under the General Tab to find the areas where you can upload your own logo.

There are two areas where you upload your logo.

  1. Logo with Retina Support
  2. Upload Logo for Transparent Header

One is for your regular logo.

How do I customize the height of the header images aka page header?

Header images including slider images are sometimes placed as a background image, meaning they are behind text and buttons so you can use the padding option of the metabox you are editing to add top or bottom padding. That will in effect show more of the image. Both Slider and Page Header provide padding options.

How do I do it and keep the height consistent between slides?

If you are using Flex Slider and your content varies in height from slide to slide, you might notice some shifting of your background image. Flexslider is just making room for your content and the transition should be smooth, however, some people would prefer to have the slider stay the same height throughout. This is where you will need to adjust your top or bottom padding to get the right height between slides. Padding can be found on each of our slides under the padding tab.

How do I import the demo content?

Hi, when you install the theme the activation process will provide you with the option to import demo content.

The Getting Started section in the documentation also covers the import:

There is one demo import as all demos are virtually identical apart from the images used.

How do I set a hosting account and register a domain name?

We recommend site5 for your domain name and hosting account.


  • Click here to create a new account on
  • Choose the any of the packages you see. HostBasic is great to start, you can always upgrade later if you wish.
  • Choose a location that is closest to you, don’t worry if it’s not in your city, the speeds are very quick.
  • Choose your plan. ‘HostBasic’ is good.
  • Choose Pricing details.
  • In the Coupon Code try these:
How do I setup the one pager (aka one page site)?

You have the option to setup your site as a traditional multi page site, or as a one-page site. In the one-page style, you can still include links to other sections as well, such as the blog.

  1. If you’d like your site to be One Page style, when building your site just add all of your meta boxes and content onto one page. In each meta box, on the Display tab you’ll see a field in which to add an Anchor. You can put in any text you like, without spaces. For example: aboutus
  2. Once you have that in place, you can create your navigation Menu under Appearance > Menus
  3. On the left side, click Links, and input the URL to your page, including you anchor with a hashtag before it, ie:
  4. The Link Text field is for the text you’d like to show up as the link, ie: About Us
  5. Once all your links are added, go to the top and click Screen Options. Ensure the box is checked for CSS Classes.
  6. In each of your one-page links, click the down arrow next to Custom and insert the class‘th-anchor’
  7. For the first link only (likely Home) insert a second class ‘th-anchor-top’ so the field should read ‘th-anchor th-anchor-top’
How do I translate this theme in to another language?

The quickest way to translate this theme is to use a plugin. The one we recommend is called WPML. It’s great. The next option is to manually do this with a free plugin called POEDIT.

How do I turn the comments off of my pages?

You can disable comments on a per-page basis. On Edit Page Screen, click Screen Options (at the very top) and ensure that the Discussion box is checked. Checking this option will add the discussion metabox to your screen. Then look for the discussion meta box and uncheck accordingly.

How do I upgrade the theme to a new version?

We are always adding new features to the theme and from time to time we may have bug fixes. You can subscribed to be notified via your Themeforest account on your downloads page. you should see a checkbox under the theme icon labeled ‘Get notified by email if this item is updated’. Once a new version comes out you may want to update you version.

The update

First of all we recommend making a backup of your files and database when updating the theme, although it would be extremely rare to have an issue come up as it should go over smoothly.

If you have made any modifications to the core theme files then you’ll need to make note of the changes, and in that case we would definitely recommend making a backup. A program like WinMerge (Windows) or DiffMerge (Cross platform) can also be very helpful in that situation. For theme file changes, we always recommend using a child theme instead of editing the theme itself.

If you haven’t made any core theme file changes, the best way to update the theme would be to extract the download package and overwrite the theme folder over FTP.

If you’re not familiar with FTP, then you can just go into the WP dashboard and delete the theme, then install the newly downloaded version of the theme as you normally would (note that you’ll have to switch the theme before deleting it, since WP doesn’t allow you to delete the active theme.) Since your content and settings are stored in the database, you won’t be deleting that content.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket.

How to change the width and height of the transparent logo?

Please see:

Changing in theme options doesn’t work…

The sizing of the logo needs to be saved and then you need to re-upload a new logo for the size to properly work. If you don’t do this it will use CSS to try and fake the height, it works but not as well as saving the size and then uploading a new logo.

My logo changes size when I scroll down or use the sticky header option.

Please see:

The theme sets the sticky header to a specific size so that it doesn’t take up too much screen real estate. If you want to change that, here is the code to add to your child theme or Custom CSS box under Theme Options:

.headhesive--clone #logo img {
height:inherit !important;
width:inherit !important;
.headhesive--clone .navbar-nav {
margin-top:10px !important
.headhesive--clone .navbar-toggle {top:10px !important}

Then you can adjust those values to suit your specific situation.

The size doesn’t change on our demo because the logo is only 30px in height. This only applies to larger logos.

Which meta box is used for the Video tour in your demo? How can I achieve the same thing for my site?

Please see:

Try the HTML box. Then use this shortcode:

You can use this or generate your own using the shortcode generator in the Content Editor toolbar. If you wan to add this in a specific spot on the page, add a on “WYSIWYG / Rich Text Editor” metabox.

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